Individual Art Therapy

     Our journey through life is filled with triumphs, failures, challenges, joys, and sorrows. Often the challenges we face today are to make us stronger to face our tomorrows. However, there are also times in our lives when facing a challenge, a crisis, or a sickness can emotionally and mentally weigh us down. It is then, that we need to seek help from our family and friends who will help us to rise above our circumstances. Nevertheless, in moments where one feels that you need an outlet other than your family and friends, approaching a therapist or counsellor can also be an answer.

Art Therapy is one such support, especially when you cannot express through words what you are going through. The Individual Art Therapy sessions conducted by Shimali, offers individuals a safe and non-judgmental environment to express their hearts in an artistic and creative manner. These sessions would offer them with an experience of release and freedom from deep within, where they feel free from their cares, worries, and various stresses in life. Furthermore, Art Therapy would help individuals to gain insight, resolve their internal conflicts, experience stress relief, increase self-awareness and develop coping mechanisms.

Shimali has had experience working with the following clientele:

  • Individuals experiencing depression
  • Individuals experiencing suicidal tendencies
  • Individuals experiencing symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Individuals who are experiencing grief and loss
  • Those experiencing psychosomatic issues
  • Those diagnosed with a terminal illness, dementia etc.
  • Adults, teenagers and children experiencing trauma due to abuse etc.
  • Adults, teenagers and children experiencing anxieties, fears, and various stressors
  • Children experiencing learning and or behavioral problems
  • Children experiencing family transitions, such as divorce of parents
  • Single mothers and their toddlers
  • Caregivers experiencing compassion fatigue

Attending weekly Individual Art Therapy sessions would bring growth, healing and restoration in life, and enable the individual to rise above their challenging circumstances.


Art Therapy Experiential Workshops

Art Therapy Experiential workshops are conducted for various age groups, with a maximum number of participation, being 25 in a group. These workshops aim to give out a taste of what Art Therapy truly is by giving the participants time to express themselves creatively in a safe and non-judgemental manner as well as time for reflecting on one’s own creative process. In order to be part of such a workshop it is not essential to have prior knowledge in art or any skills in art. What is required is an open mind, and the desire to learn and experience something new.

Shimali has conducted Art Therapy Experiential Workshops for both children, teachers, counsellors, professionals in the co-operate sector, non-governmental organizations and the public in both Sri Lanka and overseas.

Shimali conducts the following Art Therapy Experiential Workshops for children, teenagers, and adults:

  • Self-awareness
  • Stress Relief
  • Team building
  • Compassion fatigue/Burn out
  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Disaster Relief
  • Creative and expressive art workshops


Art therapy experiential workshops can be catered to suit you needs and can be provided for schools, institutions, organizations, and the co-operate sector.