World Youth Day

World Youth Day Celebrations at the 53rd Colombo Scouts Camporee 2018

At this year’s World Youth Day Celebrations, held at the 53rd Colombo Scouts Camporee 2018, we were invited by the United Nations of Sri Lanka, to conduct two Art Therapy Experiential Workshops for the scouts. Each Workshop was for about 15-25 scouts, and was under the theme of “Safe Spaces for Youth”. The aim of the Art Therapy workshops was to create a safe space for the scouts to freely express their emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

We spent 30-40 minutes with each group of scouts, and it was truly a delight indeed! During these workshops the scouts learnt a relaxation technique followed by an art activity where we reflected on the duties of a scout and the importance of carrying love, joy, peace etc in their hearts especially when fulfilling their duties.

From the feedback we received the scouts experienced calmness and relaxation, and also learnt about the areas in their life that they would need to develop. These two workshops were a definite success!!