Galle Literary Festival

Galle Literary Festival 2018 - Fringe Event & Children’s Programme

The Fringe Event took place at the Lipton Tea Room. This event was an open, fun, creative and walk-in Art Therapy Experiential Workshop held at the Galle Literary Festival 2018. It was a unique and eventful experience where many took time to relax and explore themselves through Art Therapy!

Two Sessions were conducted at the GLF 2018 Children’s Programme for children between the ages of 5 to 7 years.

The First session, titled as “Mariah the Wonderer: Reading & Art Workshop”, was centered around the book ‘Mariah the Wonderer’ written by Tahira Sheriff, where the Children were led to reflect on doing Acts of Kindness to others and expressed the same through the use of Art.

The Second Session, titled as “What did we do today?” focused on a time of reflecting and sharing of the best memories experienced by the Children, from the day’s programme and they expressed them through the use of art, along with the guidance and assistance of the Art Therapist.

Being a part of the GLF 2018 Festival was a great experience and we enjoyed every moment of it!